New Testament (MGB)

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This is the New Testament Only. The Old Testament is underway. To preview the Book of James, click here.

The 1599 Geneva Bible is a remarkable Bible for many reasons: 

  • The first English Bible translated entirely from the Hebrew and the Greek
  • The first Bible with chapter and verse divisions
  • The first Bible printed with a legible font, Roman instead of Gothic
  • The first with maps, notes, and chronologies and indices.

Most importantly, it was intended not for displaying in churches, but for family reading.

With this in mind, the Modernized Geneva Bible (MGB) updates archaic words and word order, spelling, and vocabulary of the iconic Geneva Bible. 

We did not water down the text by removing verses or chapters or shying away from gendered pronouns. We simply made a bible without distractions to reading like extensive footnotes, rabbit-trail cross-references, graphics you can google, and noisy notifications.

So now you can read the most important English Bible of the Reformation without distraction.

The Geneva went into battle with the Puritans in the English Civil War, the Geneva made enemies of popes and kings across Europe, and the Geneva even went to America with the Pilgrims. 

But the MGB New Testament is not a facsimile edition intended for scholars of the Reformation.

The thirteen thin volumes of the MGB New Testament are meant for one thing only: to be pulled off the shelf and read again and again; to be dog-eared and written in; to be consumed. We Christians learn to desire the pure milk of the Word as newborn infants (1 Pet. 2:2), for without feeding our souls we cannot grow spiritually.

Every design decision for this MGB New Testament was made to encourage daily Bible reading

  • Readers’ format makes the Bible easy to read compared to a typical two-columned Bible with economy-size font;
  • Unlike most other readers’ editions, the MGB retains chapter and verse markings to allow you to keep track of Bible reading plans or sermon references;
  • The thirteen thin volumes are easy to finish in a sitting or two (an average reader can complete the shortest volume in 30 minutes, the longest in just over 2 hours);
  • Creamy text stock and flexible paperback bindings are easy to hold;
  • Lined note pages and reading logs for each volume allow you to make the MGB New Testament your own;
  • Beautiful, textured, and foil-stamped slipcase makes the MGB NT elegant and easy to store.
  • Includes 90-day and 365-day reading plans

The Geneva’s original translators—Englishmen in exile from their homeland in Geneva—followed the work of William Tyndale, who famously vowed that he would help even the lowly farm boys to know more Scripture than the scholars of his time. Amen and amen!

ALL 27 books of the New Testament are split into thirteen slim volumes for the MGB.

Choose a book and you'll finish a whole book within 30 minutes to 2.5 hours, so you can read it again:

  1. Matthew (96 pgs)
  2. Mark (72 pgs)
  3. Luke (104 pgs)
  4. John (80 pgs)
  5. Acts (104 pgs)
  6. Romans (48 pgs)
  7. Corinthians (72 pgs)
  8. Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians (48 pgs)
  9. Colossians, Philemon, and Thessalonians (48 pgs)
  10. Timothy and Titus (48 pgs)
  11. Hebrews (48 pgs)
  12. James, Peter, and Jude (48 pgs)
  13. Epistles of John & Revelation (80 pgs)

See average read times for each book here. 

But where's the Old Testament?

Due to global supply chain issues, the Modernized Geneva Old Testament is set to release in 2022. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 124 reviews
An excellent translation and unique format

Reading the word of God in this format is very rewarding for me. It feels authentic, an experience I imagine similar to reading the old manuscripts. I like having the chapter and verse divisions for easy reference, but they are very non-obtrusive, allowing the scripture to flow naturally. The booklet-style binding makes it innocuous to read wherever I go. I especially like the thick pages and wide margins that support underlining and note-taking.

As for the translation, I'm a fan. I believe a good job was done with readability if the Geneva bible for the modern English speaker. I hope this sells well so that they would be encouraged to do the Old Testament in this same format.

Dave English
Extremely happy with my purchase , waiting for the Old Testament

I am very happy with my bible , it’s far easier for me to read with the whiter paper and larger print compared to my original KJV bible
I like the fact that very few words were changed from the KJV as well , just enough to make reading more understandable and enjoyable
I will be back for the Old Testament
Great Job

Kyle Samples

Excellent. Very portable, easy to read supplement to my study bible.

James Leonard
Beautiful, But Where Is the Commentary?

I love my new Geneva Bible; the translation is beautifully done. But, and this a big but, it is missing the marginal notes penned by the giants of the reformation. Maybe you could publish an addendum with the notes translated into modern English? That would be nice.

kimberly mays

it’s great!!

A great advance

Its most felicitous turns have gone into the Authorized...A man would need to unmake himself before he was an impartial critic.

C. S. Lewis, on the Geneva Bible

The Bible of choice

for English-speaking Protestants...England was a Protestant nation, and the Geneva Bible was its sacred book.

Dr. Alister McGrath, on the Geneva Bible

The most popular Bible

throughout Shakespeare's lifetime...[His] references are often closer to the Geneva Bible than to any other.

Dr. Naseeb Shaheen, on the Geneva Bible

The People's Bible

was deeply loved by English Protestants, and not only those of the more zealous sort

Dr. K. Edwards, Oxford Handbook on the English Bible, on the Geneva Bible

A masterpiece

of Renaissance scholarship printing and Reformation Bible thoroughness

Dr. David Daniell, Tyndale Society, on the Geneva Bible
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