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The Bible that transformed the world

It was the Bible of the Reformation that the KJV depended on, that Shakespeare and Milton and Bunyan quoted, and that the Pilgrims brought to America. Modernized for you today.

A Bible designed to help you read every day

Every design decision for this MGB New Testament was made to encourage daily Bible reading.

How we modernized the Bible

The MGB New Testament is not an exact facsimile reprint intended for Reformation scholars. It's made to be read and reread by ordinary Christians.

Watch the Mission of the Geneva Bible

A Bible that connects you to your Christian heritage

This was the most influential Bible translation in history.

The Geneva Bible was the first English Bible to be translated entirely from the original languages. John Bunyan, Shakespeare, the Puritans, and the Pilgrims all read it.

What’s more, the Geneva Bible was made for ordinary people, printed in easy-to-read font using common words. By 1640, it had sold over a million copies.

Most importantly, it was intended for daily reading by everyone.

But despite the Geneva Bible’s profound impact on our Christian heritage, you’ve probably never had the chance to read it. We want to fix that.

Focus on the Word.

Improve your focus with a clean, clutter-free layout that removes distractions.

Creamy stock paper and easy-to-read font makes reading effortless.

Slim volumes can be taken with you to work or doctor’s appointments, and finished in one sitting.

Unlike most reader’s editions, the MGB retains chapter and verse markings so you can keep track of Bible reading plans and sermon references.

In keeping with the original Geneva Bible, this is a Bible made to be read.
Old Testament is forthcoming.

Read. Finish. Repeat.

This is your personal access to a time-honored text.

The Modernized Geneva Bible is not a facsimile reprint intended only for Reformation scholars with a magnifying glass. It’s a Bible for everyone.

We updated outdated words and syntax with modern English equivalents and haven't removed a single verse. The MGB maintains the full force of the original while bridging the gap between the 21st century and the 16th.

So if you want a heritage-rich Bible that’s made to be read—or if you’re struggling with consistency in your daily devotionals—this is the Bible for you.

The New Testament

in 13 volumes optimized for reading and rereading.

  • Reader's format

    Single columns, creamy stock paper, and ample margins make the New Testament feel and read more like a book than textbook.

  • Solid slipcase

    Beautiful, textured, and foil-stamped so the MGB is elegant and easy to store.

  • Thin volumes

    The New Testament made into thirteen books which you can finish in a sitting or two.

  • Modern Typesetting

    We've kept every verse and chapter and updated archaic words and word order for fluid reading.

A great advance...
Its most felicitous turns have gone into the [KJV]...A man would need to unmake himself before he was an impartial critic.

The Bible of choice

for English-speaking Protestants...England was a Protestant nation, and the Geneva Bible was its sacred book.

The most popular Bible

throughout Shakespeare's lifetime...[His] references are often closer to the Geneva Bible than to any other.

A masterpiece

of Renaissance scholarship printing and Reformation Bible thoroughness.

Geneva is the worst

God gives not Kings the style of Gods in vain,
For on his throne his Sceptre do they sway;
And as their subjects ought them to obey


With a newborn its hard to sometimes pick up an entire Bible and phones just don't do the trick. Having a compact Book that is easily held, read, and understood is very helpful.

Want a closer look inside the MGB?

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Try the MGB at no risk. No pressure.

Our 30-day Genevan Guarantee

Experience the transformative power of the Modernized Geneva Bible risk-free. Hold it, read it, and discover the profound revelation our forefathers shared.

If within 30 days you're not completely satisfied, get a full refund with free returns. Return the set in resealable condition (no tears, bends, dents, scratches, or scuffs), and we'll refund what you paid.

Your trial starts once it's on your doorstep, so you can embrace God's Word with confidence.