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"A great advance"

Its most felicitous turns have gone into the [KJV]...A man would need to unmake himself before he was an impartial critic.

C. S. Lewis, on the Geneva Bible

"The Bible of choice"

for English-speaking Protestants...England was a Protestant nation, and the Geneva Bible was its sacred book.

Dr. Alister McGrath, on the Geneva Bible

"The most popular Bible"

throughout Shakespeare's lifetime...[His] references are often closer to the Geneva Bible than to any other.

Dr. Naseeb Shaheen, on the Geneva Bible

"The People's Bible"

was deeply loved by English Protestants, and not only those of the more zealous sort

Dr. K. Edwards, Oxford Handbook on the English Bible, on the Geneva Bible

"A masterpiece"

of Renaissance scholarship printing and Reformation Bible thoroughness

Dr. David Daniell, on the Geneva Bible