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Beautiful. Readable. Time-honored.

Rejuvenate your daily Bible reading with this uncluttered update of the landmark 1599 Geneva Bible.

Every design decision was made to encourage daily Bible reading.

Slim, portable volumes can be easily slipped into a purse or briefcase and finished in one sitting during lunch break or a doctor’s appointment.

Single column format, creamy stock paper, and easy-to-read font are gentle on the eyes, improving your focus.

Unobtrusive chapter and verse markings allow you to keep track of Bible reading plans and sermon references without distracting you from the text.

Lined note pages, reading logs, and reading plans at the back of each volume encourage hands-on reading.

A textured, foil-stamped slipcase makes the Modernized Geneva New Testament elegant and easy to store.

Like the original Geneva Bible, this is a Bible made to be read.

But why the Geneva Bible?

The Geneva Bible was remarkable for many reasons.

It was the first English Bible translated entirely from the original languages.

It was the first English Bible with chapter and verse divisions.

It was the first English Bible to sell over a million copies.

It was the Bible read by giants like John Bunyan and William Shakespeare, and the Bible carried by the Puritans and Pilgrims who crossed the Atlantic on the Mayflower. It was even used by the translators of the King James Version and quoted in the KJV’s original introduction.

Perhaps most significantly, the Geneva Bible was designed to make Scripture readable for everyone.

It made use of common and clear English anyone could understand. It came in a portable size anyone could carry (rather than the monolithic tomes that sat in cathedrals). And it was printed in a legible font anyone could read (rather than the labyrinthine Gothic text popular at the time).

In its focus on the ordinary reader’s needs, the Geneva Bible set the tone for English versions of the Bible going forward. It isn’t a stretch to say that the Geneva Bible has influenced most (if not all) English Bibles in circulation today.

But despite the Geneva Bible’s profound impact on our heritage, most people have never even heard of it, let alone read it.

The Modernized Geneva Bible’s goal is to connect you to your fathers and mothers of the faith.

Two obstacles stand in the way of today’s Christians encountering the rich heritage of the Geneva Bible.

First, inaccessible formats like online facsimiles of old manuscripts makes it difficult to simply decipher which words are on the page. Second, even after you’ve deciphered which words are on the page, the inaccessible language of the Geneva Bible makes it difficult to understand what those words mean. The Geneva Bible used common and clear English for its time, but in our time, the Geneva Bible’s English is hard to comprehend.

The Modernized Geneva Bible removes both of those obstacles so you can encounter the rich heritage of the Geneva Bible effortlessly.

First, by replacing archaic words like “garner,” “firk,” and “habergon” with their current equivalents, the Modernized Geneva Bible makes the language accessible to Christians today.

For example, Acts 21:15 in the original Geneva Bible reads like this: “And after those days we trussed up our fardels, and went up to Jerusalem.” In the Modernized Geneva Bible, Acts 21:15 reads like this: “And after those days we packed up our burdens, and went up to Jerusalem.”

This is no softening or “dumbing down” of the original. We’ve simply used contemporary spelling and vocabulary to build a bridge between the 21st century and the 16th.

Second, by printing this modernization in beautiful books that can be easily carried and read in any situation, the Modernized Geneva Bible makes the format accessible to Christians today.

Our goal is to connect you to your fathers and mothers of the faith, and to follow in the tradition of the Geneva Bible translators by making a magnificent edition of God’s Word available to everyone.

Get your Modernized Geneva Bible today!

Customer Reviews

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Josh Mcausland
Happy so far

I think the covers of the ESV "notebook" individual books of the Bible are a little more durable, but I love the fact that the MGB was printed in North America and not China. I haven't been able to read from the MGB as much as I would have liked thus far, but I like what I have been able to read. Pretty readable all things considered.

Jose Santiago

Beautiful Bible. Would have liked to see the marginal notes included in this version.
Thank you

Eric Haze

I’m thoroughly enjoying this updated Geneva Bible. I can’t wait to have the Old Testament as well. I have been referring to this translation as I write my sermons and been helped. Thank you.

Matthew Latimer

Very attractive and great to read. Glad they advertised on Gab, and that I saw this nicely packaged bible was available!


Thank you!!

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