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Cantus Christi 2020: Psalter & Hymnal

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Cantus Christi 2020: Psalter & Hymnal

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Recover our great Christian musical heritage!


Our affections are shaped and molded by the music we sing and hear.

Currently, the happy clappy Evangelical church is limited to a very small range of musical expression, and if our music does not train us to vigorously celebrate or to bitterly lament, how will we and our children be prepared when great victories or great tragedies confront us.

Will we have the right words come to our minds?

This hymnal includes some familar classics (A Mighty Fortress; And Can It Be; Holy, Holy, Holy; When I Survey the Wondrous Cross; etc.) and some memorable but sadly unknown compositions (St. Patrick's Breastplate; The Son of God Goes Forth to War) and over a hundred and twenty Psalms. "Praise the Lord! Sing to the Lord a new song, And His praise in the assembly of saints."

Cantus 2020 new songs:

  •  Complete Psalter with triple the settings: Cantus 2020 contains at least one complete metrical setting of every Psalm (increased from 114 to 300)
  • More than double the number of Hymns (increased from 189 to 402, yes now it includes Amazing Grace!)
  • More Service Music (increased from 28 to 42)
  • More fuguing tunes (increased from 6 to 26)
  • Removed all chants, decreased the bulk of the Genevan Psalms by half, and added all 50 through-composed Erb Psalms.
Cantus 2020 new features:
  • Page count doubled: 478 to 830 pages. The price did not double: $23.00 list price
  • Easy-clean gray Kivar cover stock
  • Weight increase: 2.3lbs to 2.7lbs (width increase: 1.5” to 1.75”)
  • All-new formatting with high-visibility page numbers and text
  • Introductions by Douglas Wilson, Ben Zornes, and Michael E. Owens
  • Original, unabridged lyrics for classic songs

For recordings of many of the songs in the Cantus, visit our church library here: https://www.christkirk.com/music-library/

For the spiral-bound, lay-flat piano version, please click herehttp://canonpress.com/products/cantus-christi-2020-piano-version

AUTHOR: Christ Church

PREFACE: Douglas Wilson


SIZE: 6x9.5"

BINDING: Hardback

ISBN-13: 978-1-7346765-0-1

ISBN-10: 1-7346765-0-7

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Drastic Improvement

The first edition of Cantus Christi was courageous and responsible with the history of liturgical song. Yet the high dose of Genevan psalms (for one example) was a bit tedious at times. This new edition takes the courage and responsibility of the first edition, and cranks it to dizzying heights. David Erb's psalms, along with many other inclusions from both more recent and more ancient history, make this collection of Christ's Songs unlike anything on the planet.

I collect hymnals. And I usually sing my way through the best ones, one page at a time, listing inside the front cover the *best* pieces that I want to remind my future self to return to often. When my "best" list for Cantus Christi 2020 started off with 4 of the volume's first 7 entries, I knew had something special in my hands.

Jay Nelsestuen

This psalter hymnal is among the best I've yet seen. The collection is wide and varied, with most every period of Christian history represented by at least one selection. The Psalter at the front is unique in its use of many of the old Genevan tunes, which I greatly appreciate; being able to sing the Psalms to the same melodies Calvin himself would have used—quite thrilling indeed. That each Psalm has several selections is helpful; many include both metrical and prose translations, so whatever your view on the proper method of psalm singing, there is something here for you.

The binding appears to be glued, so who knows how long it will last. But otherwise it's a very well-put-together volume. I do take issue with the formatting throughout; Finale is not the best tool to use for hymnal production unless you are prepared to make thousands of minuscule adjustments to make it look good. Without those adjustments, the end result just looks mediocre. To be sure, it's perfectly serviceable; Palatino is a great text font. But extra care might have been taken to ensure that it looks as good as it could. That's my only gripe.

Thanks, Canon Press, for a great product. I purchased this copy to see whether my church ought to use it. We ended up going a different direction, but I'm happy to have this hymnal anyway.